March 11, 2015 – At 4:30 am this morning (Wednesday) we had another M-flare (flare from the Sun). Tomorrow morning, before dawn Antares can be seen below Moon/Saturn (golden yellow) in the pre-dawn darkened sky. Antares – Fire Star in the Hall of Light (the heavens – a Hall of Light.

Today (March 11) is Wednesday – its ruler (guardian) is Mercury.
Mercury is Hermes (Egyptian God of Knowledge).
Mercury (with Gemini) builds the Rainbow Bridge of Light.
So the personality can be lifted up to the Soul.
And then directed by the Soul –
An entrance into the Temple of Knowledge that becomes Wisdom.

Even though today is Mercury’s regular guardianship Day, due to the present transits (planetary influences in the sky falling to earth affecting all the kingdoms) & their potency, Mercury shares the day with Mars & with Antares (a star in Scorpio, heralding the spring equinox (in 9 days). Antares is the star amidst a cluster of metallic (not dust) clouds the color of red. Antares means “like, akin to Mars” due to its saffron-reddish color.

Antares can be seen tonight below Moon & Saturn.
Antares is the bright red star at the heart of Scorpio.
Mars is the personality & Soul ruler of Scorpio.
Thus, Scorpio is relevant today on many levels.
Scorpio – the Call to Discipleship.

In Babylonia, Antares was called Urbat, Lord of the Seed, Creator of Prosperity, the King and god of lightning, the Day-Heaven-bird. The Egyptians worshipped it as the goddess Selkit, heralding the sunrise in her temples at the autumn equinox, and as a symbol of Isis in pyramid ceremonials.

“Antares demands we ‘take a stand’ for our truth against the established conditions of our personal lives and against the established order or authority directing our lives when those conditions and that authority are no longer in our best interest nor supporting or evolutionary freedom.” (The Lunar Planner, Nick Fiorenza

Mars Today in the Sky (see chart 1st house)
Mars in Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries (1st house, 14/15 degrees Aries). Both Mars & Uranus are “rulers” of Aries.
Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn (see 10th house, 15 degrees)

The new archetypes (Uranus/Aires) can expand outward, anchor in the world. Through the Fire Trine (Triangle).
The water of Pisces mixed with the fire trine brings forth the new cycle of Lift itself – Pisces – “the Light that ends forever the darkness of matter.”

Fire Trine (Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn)
Aries (new life springing upward), Leo (individual creativity), Sag (out into the world, expanded by Jupiter, Sag’s ruler (guardian).
Mars, Uranus, Pluto (yesterday Jupiter was also in the mix).
Aries (all things new)
Capricorn (structural transformation of all that we know & live within).
Mars/Uranus square Pluto
Squares bring/call something into manifestation – anchors a new direction/reality.

Dream – I have dreamt about lentils this week.
Here is a lentil recipe = Tibetan/Nepalese

(Dal) Dhal Bhat – (pronounced doll-bought) = what it this?
Dahl is lentils, bhat is rice.
Lentils & Rice – Tibetan/Nepalese recipe.

It has its roots in the Himalayas of Nepal, the food of the Nepalese people. It also has a large influence on mountaineering in the area. On the trek into Everest base camp, “Dal Bhat” is basically the only meal served in the teahouses along the path. It’s a dish of plant-based nutrition which fuels climbers in the most strenuous environment in the world = carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vegetables, vitamins, and spices. It is the most perfectly balanced meal.

Here are 2 recipes –

This one includes side dishes –

Preparing today during Lent, in the desert with the Christ – preparing for the upcoming Three Spring Festivals (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, especially for Wesak (Buddha Taurus festival) –

Preparing for –
1. New Moon in Pisces, total solar eclipse (29 Pisces), March 20th.
2. Sun enters Aries (after the new moon), March 20th.
3. Spring equinox (after the Pisces new moon), March 20th.
4. Palm Sunday – March 29th
5. 1st Spring Festival – Aries (Resurrection) Solar Festival (at the time of the full moon), 14.21 degrees Aries, Saturday, April 4th.
6. Passover – 1st day – April 4th
7. Easter Sunday, Resurrection – April 5th
8. Wesak – Taurus Buddha Full moon Festival, 13 Taurus.
9. Festival of Humanity & the Christ, June full Moon, Gemini solar festival, 12 Gemini – June 2nd.

Mars asks us to projects ourselves forward, to have knowledge of things to come so we can prepare (& act) with proper rhythms. We prepare together in the Ashram, which is our college, our sangha (refuge), our Temple of Learning. Love, Risa

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