“We leave the Father’s house & turning back we save.”


~Pisces Solar Festival, Purim, making cookies, Reappearance of the Christ Meditation, Mars/South Node, Upcoming notices, Night Light News news…
~With Dedication, holding our minds steady in the Light, & Safeguarding…
we participate in the World-wide Meditation with the New Group of World Servers = Pisces Solar Festival, full moon (timing), 15 degrees Pisces.
~We join the NGWS today at 10:03 (west coast time) for the Pisces festival.
We recite the Soul & Great Invocations. Along with the Radiance Mantram* (see below).

Today – Thursday’s rhythms – Jupiter’s rhythms
1. Reappearance of the Christ Meditation preparations (meditation below)
2. Night Light News is updated – we have a new site! – seewww.nightlightnews.org/ (note – www.nightlightnews.com still works for now)
3. Purim – Queen Esther saves her people (Hebrew) in Persia. We unite with our Jewish brothers & sisters in their celebrations today.

1. Our previous spiritual year is ending. A new Spiritual year begins at Spring Equinox (solar eclipse new moon).

2. We make the cookie “hamentaschen” ** (recipe http://toriavey.com/…/…/03/how-to-make-perfect-hamantaschen/) today, in celebration of the Jewish people’s freedom from a cruel master (Haman). Queen Esther (secretly Jewish) saved her people from death.

3. We continue in the season of Lent w/ the Christ in the desert.

4. We join the NGWS today at 10:03 (west coast time) for the Pisces festival.

5. We recite the Soul & Great Invocations. And the Radiance Mantram.

Radiance we are & power
We stand forever with our hands outstretched
Linking the heavens & the Earth
The inner world of meaning
And the subtle world of glamours.

We reach into the Light
And bring it down to meet the need
We reach into the silent place
And bring from thence
The gift of understanding

Thus with the Light we work
And turn the darkness into day.

Thus with the Light we work
And turning the darkness into day.

From “Glamour, a World Problem”, p. 232

Reappearance of the Christ Preparation Meditation

It’s Thursday – Reappearance Meditation – Preparation
Today, following our weekly rhythms is Thursday, Jupiter’s day, the Preparation for the Reappearance of the Christ (Aquarian World Teacher) Meditation. We recite it together in the Ashram…turning toward the Christ (who was also the Piscean World Teacher) in dedication …in an attitude of aspiration, devotion, prayer & fixed intention (in this order). We combine the heart & mind, we are brief & dynamic, we are impelled by the synthesis & sequence of the prayer, Facing the Christ -we stand together quietly under the Light of the Soul & say…

“Forgetting the things which lie behind
I strive toward my highest spiritual possibilities
I dedicate myself anew
To the Service of the Coming One (Christ, the World Aquarian Teacher)
And will do all I can
To prepare humanity’s minds & hearts
For that Event.
I have no other life intention.”
Ohm, Ohm, Ohm.

As we see the world in all its many differentiations and planes of development & its kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal, human, & the new emerging Kingdom of the Soul), we visualize (from our Ajna [middle of forehead] centers, Center of Direction) Light, Love & Purpose flowing into the world, into the hearts & minds of humanity & especially into places where there is great need.

We concentrate our fixed intention to serve & to radiate Love in all our surroundings. We realize that as we do these things we are blending our personality (little) will with Divine Will. Standing under the Will-to-Good, radiating this Good. And thus the kingdoms & humanity, all that we encounter, are uplifted and transformed. And this is part of the preparation for the Coming of the Aquarian Teacher. We understand all of this in our hearts.

We sound the Ohm 3 times, dedicating our 3-fold personality (physical body, emotional body, lower concrete mind) to the Work of Preparation. We stand together with Intention to Prepare.

Ohm. Ohm. Ohm.
Mars, South Node – in Aries.
Sometimes transits (planets in the sky moving about) occur and their effects happen the day or days afterward. Yesterday, Mars joined South Node in Aries. Every Aries I ever knew seemed to contact me (last night, this morning). People from long ago who I knew & lost contact with were contacting me.

Mars, South Node – Mars is movement. South Node is about the past. Movements, contacts from the past appear. They may be fleeting. However, they appear, making themselves known again. We recognize, respect & greet them in passing. We all play(ed) our part.

Mars is coming up on (connecting energetically with) Uranus square Pluto in the next week, a preliminary to the March 16th Uranus/Pluto. Mars squares Pluto on the 11th, Uranus squares Pluto on the 16th. All week, from now onward, tensions will be building. We may externalize these tensions through abrupt outbursts, anger, misinterpretations, headaches, feelings of anxiety and/or urgency. Aconite Napellis (homeopath) helps us to remain poised & patient. Knowledge helps us immensely too. Knowledge of these things to come. Mantrams help us to remain spiritual poised too. Standing always at the apex of the triangle, the dualities below.

We stand poised, attending to our daily rhythmic Work & studies in the Ashram. We stand in the upper room, as well as in the Ashram’s garden. We see humanity on the other side of the garden gate seeking the Path of Return. We ask during this Pisces solar festival that we, the NGWS, be prepared to assist humanity in discovering their Path of Return. “Pisces – the saviors of the world, the Light that ends forever the darkness of matter.” In preparation together…love, Risa


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