Dedication, confidence & aspiration – Holding our minds steady in the Light.

Wednesday, March 3 2015 – Mercury’s Day
Virgo Moon today w/ Pisces Sun – Tomorrow is the full moon festival.
The Earth tomorrow will be in between the Sun and Moon, the moon’s energy veiled, so that only the Light of Pisces will reach the Earth. Thus the Earth bathed on all sides with the “Light of Pisces, the Light of the World that ends forever the darkness of matter.”

The Earth receives the light of Rays 2 & 6, the Light of Pisces & the Light in the heart of the Sun (Ray 2, Jupiter). The moon also receives the light from Pisces, absorbing it.

Together the Sun & the moon stream down to the Earth the Pisces Light along with Rays 2 (Love/Wisdom) & 6 (vision, dedication, compassion, intention to work under the Plan of God). The Earth & her kingdoms all receive these energies. It depends upon the awareness, development & consciousness of each of us that determines how we receive & use these energies.

The New Group of World Server standing together (imaginatively visualizing), receive these energies & radiate them to humanity. With the seed thought words of Pisces –

“I/we leave the Father’s house & turning back, I/we serve & save.”

The Pisces solar festival is occurring at 15 degrees Pisces.

The New Group of World Servers will be in contact (on inner levels) & in meditation today, tomorrow. Everyone is invited to join in meditation.
To be the “Light of the world for thirsty humanity.”
To recite the seed thought with intention…

The Pisces Seed thought (again),
“I/we leave the Father’s house & turning back I/we save.”

These are the words of the Soul, of the Buddha, of all the Avatars & Teachers. Remaining on Earth until all of humanity is enlightened.

Leaving the “blissful Oneness of the Father’s house” (heaven, Buddic plane, etc.) in order to return again & again to assist humanity in discovering their Path of Return. In order to teach humanity, to educate, direct & uplift humanity, all who are seeking the Path of Return.

The Uranus in Aries (1st house) is shattering all of our preconceived concepts. It’s changing our world, unexpectedly.
We are being called to break old habits.
Uranus breaks the crystallizations that have formed in our lives.
The routines where we have fallen asleep.

We change our rhythms during Lent. Sometimes it’s painful.
Ultimately it’s good.
We learn to adapt to new rhythms. We learn fluidity.
Especially as we study, learn about, work with the Piscean waters.
Under Neptune – the Christed (Soul) waters.
And with the daily influences from the heavens (stars & planets in movement).

The Astrology Today (looking at the chart)
Venus in Aries trine Jupiter in Leo = see 1st & 6th houses
Venus in Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries = see 1st house – both are at 14 degrees Aries.
Venus in Aries (14) square Pluto in Capricorn (15) = see 1st & 11th houses
Sun in Pisces (13) inconjunct Jupiter retro in Leo (14) = see 1st & 6th houses.
Venus is Ray 5, the Ray of Aquarius.
By looking at the chart we learn more through identification & recognition.

The stars & planets tend to the “garden of Earth & its kingdoms.”
Those who know about & study astrology also are able to tend to the “garden of the Earth & its kingdoms.”

Yesterday was World Wildlife Day
March 3
World Wildlife Day

For millennia, people and cultures have relied on nature’s rich diversity of wild plants and animals for food, clothing, medicine and spiritual sustenance. Wildlife remains integral to our future through its essential role in science, technology and recreation, as well as its place in our continued heritage. From Ban Ki-moon

Love from the Ashram…preparing together for the Pisces solar festival meditation. Working together, receiving & radiating the Light together.


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